NO.1 For a Customer an invoice named Inv1 is created automatically from an order named Ord1. The
customer asks you to add a Hat delivery charge as a line item to the invoice. You do not have a
delivery charge in the product catalog. You need to add the delivery charge as a line in the invoice.
What should you click first?
A. Write-in Product
B. Use Current Pricing
C. Recalculate
D. Get Products
Answer: B


NO.2 You need to create a goal that will show the previous seven days of activity.
Which two actions should you perform? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.
A. close the goal after seven days.
B. Set the Goal period as a Custom Period.
C. Add a filter
D. Add a rollup field.
E. Add a rollup query.
Answer: A,B


NO.3 You have B Dynamics CRM organization that uses Microsoft Social Engagement
You need to analyze the sales pipeline and the Social sentiment to watch for social trends that affect
What should you do?
A. Configure a link to CRM in Microsoft Social Engagement, and then build an interactive dashboard.
B. Build a multi-stream dashboard that has a global filter.
C. Configure a link to CRM in Microsoft Social Engagement, and then build a personal view.
D. Build a dashboard that has a chart for the pipeline and a widget from Microsoft Social
Answer: D


NO.4 You have a Dynamics CHM organization that uses folder tracking.
You have a folder named Customers that is currently being tracked- Customers contains a folder for
The main contact named Contact1.
A new email message from Contact1 is delivered to your Inbox.
You need to identity what will occur when you move the message to the Customer1 folder.
What should you identify?
A. An email act.v.Ty will be created in CRM that has a connection to Contact1 only.
B. An email activity will be created in CRM rhat has the Set regarding field Set to Customer1
C. An email activity will be created in CRM that has the Set regarding field set to Contact1
D. An email activity will be created m CRM that has a connection To Customer1 only.
E. An email activity will be created in CRM that has a connection to Customer1 and to Contact1
Answer: C



試験科目:Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Sales
問題と解答:全48問 MB2-713コンポーネント

>> MB2-713コンポーネント

試験科目:Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Customization and Configuration
問題と解答:全48問 MB2-712試験感想

>> MB2-712試験感想


Microsoft MB2-712試験感想を通ってからかなり人生の新しいマイレージカードがあるようで、仕事に大きく向上してIT業種のすべての方は持ちたいでしょう。多くの人はこんなに良いの認証試験を通ることが難しくて合格率はかなり低いと思っています。ちっとも努力しないと合格することが本当に難しいです。Microsoft MB2-712試験感想を通るのはかなり優れた専門知識が必要です。JPexamがMicrosoft MB2-712試験感想を助けて通るのウエブサイトでございます。JPexamはMicrosoft MB2-712試験感想に向かって問題集を開発しておって、君のいい成績をとることを頑張ります。一目でわかる最新の出題傾向でわかりやすい解説、充実の補充問題などで買うことは一番お得ですよ。