NO.1 You try to select a number of data objects from the Data tab to drag into a report, but some of
them are grayed out and in italics. Which statement explains this behavior?
A. Some of the selected objects are restricted.
B. Some of the selected objects do not have different data types.
C. Some of the selected objects have different data formats.
D. Some of the selected objects are not synchronized.
Answer: D


NO.2 Which two methods can you use to aggregate measures at the section level in BusinessObjects
Web Intelligence 4.0?
A. While pressing the CTRL key, drag the measure from the table to the section header.
B. Copy the measure from the Data tab into the section header.
C. While pressing the ALT key, drag the measure from the table to the section header.
D. Drag the measure from the Data tab into the section header.
Answer: A,D

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NO.3 You are working with a previously saved document and you have deleted a logical operator.
Which two methods can you use to recover the logical operator?
A. Click the Undo button in the Query panel.
B. Close the Query panel without executing and then open the query.
C. Rebuild the filters.
D. From the Tools menu, select Recover Operator.
Answer: B,C

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NO.4 Which tasks can you accomplish using breaks?
A. Generate subtotals in one table block.
B. Break the table into multiple table blocks.
C. Remove repeated values in one table block.
D. Generate a running sum in multiple table blocks.
Answer: A,C



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